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( Extension Cabinet )
( Amp Head )
Bassmaster YBA-300Custom Reverb YSR-1Custom special YBA-3YBA-1 1968YBA-1A Bass Master Mark II
YBA200-2 Bass MasterYCS-100-HYCS-50-HYSR-1 1970 
( Combo )
Acoustic Master StudioBlock12   
( Combo Amp )
1971 Traynor YBA-2b Bass MateAcoustic Master CustomDNB 112DynaBass 200TDynablock 400 DNB112
K-1 KeymasterK2K-4SB 115 Bass AmpilifierSB110
SB112TRM 40TS-15YBA-4 1972YCS90 Custom Special 2x12
YCV 20YCV 40 1X12YCV 80 2X12YCV-50YGL 1
YGL2 30-watt All-tube 1x12YGL-3YGM-3 guitar mate reverb 1970YGM3 ReissueYS1081 Acoustic Master Standard
( Extension Cabinet )
DHX 212DNBX12TC112TC115TC210
YBX1510YCS412AYCX12YT 15