FENDER Tone Master Twin Reverb-Amp Combo Amp Cover


Combo amp cover for FENDER Tone Master Twin Reverb-Amp

Custom made for your Combo Amp FENDER Tone Master Twin Reverb-Amp . Our Covers are manufactured from the best materials on the market using production techniques developed by us to high quality standards.

*Images may differ from the original product.

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A: 26.16" / 66.45cm  B: 10.35" / 26.29cm  C: 9.5" / 24.13cm  D: 9" / 22.9 cm  E: 20.24" / 51.41cm  F: 18" / 45.72cm  G: 2.5" / 6.35cm  N: 9.5" / 24.13cm  O: 4.25" / 10.8 cm  P: 3" / 7.62cm  R: 1.25 " / 3.1cm  
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