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( Amp Head )
Bandmaster 1963-67Bandmaster Reverb SilverfaceBassman 100Bassman 100-TBassman 50
Bassman 800Bassman Blackface 1964/1967Deluxe Reverb Reissue 1965Dual ShowmanDual showman Red Knob
Dual Showman reverbFM100MH 500mustang vShowman 1960 1963
showman reverb Amp TFL5000DStage 100Super Bassman 300Super Champ x2 headSuper Sonic 100
Super-SonicTremolux 1961-1963   
( Combo Amp )
5F1 champ7594 Evil TwinAcoustasonic 150Acoustasonic 30-DSP
Acoustasonic 90Acoustasonic jr 2x8Acoustasonic sfxAcoustasonic SFX IIAcoustic series 200
Automatic GTBandmaster 57 3x10 ReissueBandmaster Tweed 1955-1960Bassbreaker 007Bassbreaker 15 1x12
Bassbreaker 2x12 Custom ShopBassman reissue 59 LTDBassman 100 ComboBASSMAN 1954 4X10 TWEEDBassman 20 1982-1983
Bassman 250 2x10Bassman Ten 1972-1979Bassman Tv Duo TenBassman TV FifteenBassman TV Ten 1x10
Blues Deluxe 112blues deville 4x10Blues Jr IVBlues JuniorBlues Junior III
Blues Junior TweedBronco 40BXR 100BXR 60Champ 1964/1967
Champ 25 SEChamp 57Champ SilverfaceChampion 110Champion 20
Champion 40Champion 600Concert 4x10 Brownface 1962Cyber Deluxe Amp Cyber Twin SE
Deluxe 57 reissueDeluxe 5B3Deluxe Amp 1963/1966 BlackfaceDeluxe Amp 6G3 1961 –1963 BrownfaceDeluxe Reverb Amp Reissus 65
Deluxe Reverb Amp 1963/67 BlackfaceDeluxe Reverb IIDeluxe Reverb LTD Pine Deluxe Reverb Silverface 1968 1982Deluxe tweed 1955 - 1960
Deluxe VM Vintage ModifedDual ProfessionalExcelsiorFrontman 212RG-DEC III Thirty
G-DEC III Thirty BluesG-DEC-30Hot rod deluxe 1x12Hot rod Deville 2x12Hot rod Deville 4x10
Musicmaster Bass ampMustang Imustang II V2MUSTANG III V2Princeton Amp or Amp Reverb 1966
Princeton Amp Reverb 65 ReissuePrinceton Brownface 1961-63Princeton Chorus - 1987Princeton or Harvard 1955 61Princeton Recording Amp
Princeton Reverb Amp Silverface1968 - 81Princeton Reverb IIPro Amp Brownface 1960-1963Pro JuniorPro Reverb Blackface 65
Pro Reverb silverface 2x12Pro Tube Pro ReverbProsonic AmpQuadRad Bass
Roc Pro 1000RUMBLE 100 V3Rumble 15 Rumble 150Rumble 200 V3
Rumble 30Rumble 350Rumble 40 V3Rumble 75Rumble Stage 800
Rumble v3 500wattSidekick Reverb 25Stage 160Studio LeadSuper 2x10 1955-60
Super Amp 2x10 1960 – 1963Super Amp Early 90Super ChampSuper Champ X2Super Champ XD
Super Reverb 4x10Super Reverb Silverface 1968-69SUPER SONIC TWIN COMBO FSR LTD BLACK / GOLDSuper-Sonic 22 WattSuper-Sonic 60 watt
The Twin Red knobTremolux Tweed Narrow Panel 1955-1960Twin Amp first genetationTwin Amp ReissueTwin Reverb 2x12 Black Face 1963-1967
Twin Reverb Custom 15Twin Reverb Silverface 1967-1981Twin tweed reissue 57Twinolux reissueTwo Tone 1-12, 1-10
VaporizerVibro Champ 1964-1967Vibro champ ECVibro-KingVibrolux 5F11
Vibrolux Brown 1961-1963Vibrolux Custom Reverb Re-issueVibrolux Reverb 1968-1982 SilverFaceVibrolux Reverb 68 Silverface reissueVibrolux Reverb Amp Blackface 1964-1967
Vibrosonic ReverbVIBROVERB 1X15 (ORIGINAL/VINTAGE)Vibroverb 1x15 Reissus 64  
( Extension Cabinet )
Bandmaster 2x12Bassman 2x12 1960-1965Bassman 610 NeoBassman pro neo 410DT-412
dualshowman 2x15FM412 SLANTJazzmaster ultralight 112mustang vRumble v2 410
Rumble V3 1x15Rumble v3 210 Extension CabinetRumble v3 410SC 112Showman 1960 63 1x15
Tremolux 1961-63Vibratone 1967-1968 LesleyVibroking 212 extension cabinent  
( Reverb )
Reverb Unit 1963reverb unit stand alone