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Protection strip for electronic part of the amplifier.
http://www.coveramp.com/ Guitar Amp Cover
Amplifier Cover with padding
www.coveramp.com High quality padding 1/2 inch chock absorber
Heavy duty synthetic leather for amplifier cover
Synthetic leather 32oz protect your amps and  cabs , yet remain flexible even in subfreezing temperatures. 
  Unique composite construction combines textile fabrics for strength to resist snags and tears and provide  superior abrasion resistance.
Guitar , bass Amp cover
www.coveramp.com Custom Amplifier Guitar front padded
Amplifier Amp Cover
www.coveramp.com Amplifier Covers Fender Marshall Peavey
Nylon quilted pattern cover
Nylon quilted pattern cover for amplifier cover
amp cover ampeg fender marshall vox
www.coveramp.com guitar bass Padded amp cover ampeg fender marshall vox by coveramp
DR.Z Amp Cover
cover  DR.Z - Maz - 18 jr - 38 sr
Cover for GALLIEN KRUEGER MB 112 II By Coveramp
Thanks Casey Tolhurst for this pic KRUEGER MB 112 II
VOX cover
Vox-AD-120-50-60-VT-AC15CC  Custom  Amp cover
Marshall Cover
cover Combo marshall jcm,800,900,2000,valvestate
mesa boogie cover
Cover mesa boogie f 50,100,mark,4,rocket
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